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Cool Guy Has A Chill Day (x)

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It’s a mix of hell and outer space.

how are u going to tell me mermaids dont exist then 

i think this is the creepiest post i’ve ever seen.

my degree summed up. 

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I feel like Im starting a new chapter in my lyfe >.< lol I am now 21 woot woot!


Miguel Chevalier spreads magic carpets 2014 over sacre coeur in morocco

Miguel Chevalier (born 1959) is a French digital artist known internationally as one of the pioneers of virtual art.

magic carpets by French artist Miguel Chevalier is an interactive light display spread out across the floor of the former Sacré Coeur church in Casablanca, Morocco. covering it with a huge layer of light, the work references the world of biology, microorganisms, and cellular automata – as cells have the ability to multiply in abundance, divide and merge at different paces. pieces come together, fall apart and transform in shape at rapid speeds. the displayed organic universe mingles with a digital construction of overlapping pixels. 

You’ve really gotta hand it to short people



because they usually can’t reach it anyways.

*kicks the next tall person I see in the shin*

Anonymous asked:
Stop lying, you reside somewhere near los angeles??

I am guessing who ever you are, you reside somewhere near LA.

Anonymous asked:
Hey you live in Los Angeles dont you??

woah woah nah I dont lol

3,497 plays Pobre Diabla Don Omar The Last Don


Pobre Diabla by Don Omar


how does someone take good selfies for profile pictures? like I can’t do it any tips?